Moose Mountain Lodge # 483, Meets in Kisbey, Sask.

Moose Mountain Elks Lodge # 483 received their charter from the Grand Lodge of the Elks of Canada on November 25, 1963 with 44 members. The Lodge moved their meetings from the town of Arcola to the village of Kisbey in 1968. The Lodge meets at the Village Rec. Hall on the second Thursday of the month at 8:00 PM. The Lodge throughout the years has been involved in a number of community projects. The latest project was in partnership with the local 4-H Club. We were asked if we would like help with a used tire pickup for recycling. We agreed, and the two clubs split the funds that were raised. Both groups benefited from this project. Another project we were involved with was that the Village of Kisbey was in need of a new playground and playground equipment. We got together with a number of other organizations in the village and $40,000 was raised. We helped get the equipment installed.

We are a Lodge that's small in numbers, and we are very active in our community and the surrounding area. We have 12 active members and we are always recruiting. We are pleased to say that we have two elected members in the Executive of the Provincial Association in 2016-2017: Kalvin Nankivell, First Vice President and John Voutour, Esquire.

Pictures: Lodge members in front of Kisbey playground

              Tires for recycling

              Members with tires