2022 Darts pictures and results are on Page 4 of the April 2022 Newsletter.

The first official Provincial Dart Championship was held in Prince Albert in March, 1998. Each year this sporting event has gained more interest and participation.

If your Lodge is interested in hosting a Darts Championship, here's a bid form.

  The Provincial Darts Championship was in Esterhazy March 8 to 10, 2019. Our  Darts Chairperson is Wendy Demerais of Prince Albert.

In 2019 the Provincial Darts Tournament was hosted by the Esterhazy Elks Lodge from March 8th to March 10th. The tournament was very well run and everyone had a really good time. A huge thank you to Br. Barry Off and Br. Craig Nielsen who played lead roles in organizing and to their committee for putting on an excellent event- a job well done. Thanks to everyone that participated in Provincial Darts. The number of entries was down from 2018, so let's keep working at attracting more members to participate.

The tournament is held in March preferably but preferably not on the same weekend as Elks National Curling. The exact dates will be announced when known. If there are any lodges interested in hosting this event, please contact the dart chairperson for a bid form, or to provide you with further information as well as answer any questions you may have.

This year the National Mixed Darts event will be hosted by Penticton Lodge in BC on March 15-17. 

The following are the results from the 2019 Provincial Mixed Darts Tournament. Congratulations to all the winners and straight shooting at Nationals.

Sr. Wendy Demerais

Provincial Dart chairperson

2019 Elks Provincial Dart Results

All participants qualified for the Nationals.

Singles Events: 


1. Craig Nielsen - Esterhazy

2. John Voutour - Kisbey

3. Eugene Hartter - Wilkie

4. Kalvin Nankivell - Kisbey

5. Barry Off - Kindersley


1. Wendy Demerais - Prince Albert

2. Calinda Nielsen - Esterhazy

3. Charlotte Hartter - Wilkie

4. Kathy Nankivell - Kisbey


Men's Doubles

1st Place:  John Voutour & Barry Off

2nd Place:  Craig Nielsen & Eugene Hartter

3rd Place: Kalvin Nankivell & Brenda Voutour

Ladies Doubles

1st Place: Wendy Demerais & Kathy Nankivell

2nd Place: Calinda Nielsen & Charlotte Hartter

Mixed Triples

1st Place:  Barry Off, Eugene Hartter, Wendy Demerais

2nd Place:  John Voutour, Calinda Nielsen, Kathy Nankivell

3rd Place: Craig Nielsen, Kalvin Nankivell, Charlotte Hartter

No 180's this year. Progress, not perfection!

Congratulations to everyone!