Purpose: The Saskatchewan Elks Association consists of all Elks and Royal Purple Elks Lodges in the province. It exists to promote provincial projects and to unite, promote and encourage members and Lodges in fulfilling the Elks of Canada Mission and Vision on a smaller scale. 

The Saskatchewan Elks Foundation Corporation is part of the Association. It is a registered charitable organization, and can issue tax-deductible receipts. It solicits donations and uses the funds to  help Saskatchewan residents over the age of 18 with grants for medical needs when other funding is unavailable and the recipient is in financial need. The Foundation also operates the Seniors Homes, and makes significant contributions to the Sask. Pediatric Auditory Rehabilitation Centre (SPARC) in Saskatoon.

Elks Grand Lodge, our national office, operates the Elks and Royal Purple Fund for Children, which provides funds for medical needs with a focus on speech and hearing. Our National Office is in Regina, and our Provincial Office is in Saskatoon.


Mission:  A Canadian volunteer organization of men and women serving communities.

Vision: To be the best volunteer organization in Canadian communities.


The mailing address and phone number of the Provincial Association and Foundation is at the bottom of every page. Our Executive Administrator, Charlotte Watson, works regular office hours and will assist you.

The website of Grand Lodge, our National Office, is elksofcanada.ca . The phone number is 1-888-843-3557. 


The Saskatchewan Elks Association was granted a Charter in 1929 by our Grand Lodge, the Elks of Canada. Dedicated members kept the Association going through the Great Depression, a difficult task. In 1929 there were 32 Lodges in the province; now there are 57. The Association supports and guides individual Lodges through our Provincial Office in, District Representative visits, and Official Visits of the Provincial President. The Annual Conference, Sports Tournaments and the Walkathon are held in various locations around the province; all Lodges can bid to host these events.

The Saskatchewan Elks Foundation Corporation is a registered charity established in 1991. Linking Saskatchewan Elks and Royal Purple Elks Lodges across the province, the Foundation promotes and supports the needs of the individual and the community at large through a variety of programs and services. For further information phone 306-665-1333.

Current Programs: